Our Priorities

Elmwood is a service provider supporting individuals experiencing intellectual disabilities in Saskatoon

Through partnerships, Elmwood delivers high-quality services through Kinsmen Manor, Community Homes and our Supported Independent Living Program. We work together to support individuals through choice and inclusion.

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Our Culture

At Elmwood, our culture is important to us!

We foster a Resident First Approach in the delivery of our supports and services.

Our Resident First Approach means:

  • We, and Our Circles of Support, recognize and support the inherent right for the individual to be supported in a manner consistent with a Resident First approach.
  • We strive to provide choice and support in a manner that recognizes the capabilities and strength of each individual.
  • We focus on the development of authentic relationships with the individuals we serve.
  • We make operational decisions continually reflecting on our Resident First practice.
  1. Respect and Dignity: We honor and provide support in line with the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We treat all individuals receiving support with respect and dignity, recognizing their intrinsic value as human being. We, and our Circles of Support, interact with each other with respect and compassion focused on solutions that meet the needs of the individuals we serve.

  2. Relationships and Partnerships: We value authentic and solution-focused relationships with the individuals and families we support. We value meaningful and solution-focused relationships with key partners working to enhance the lives of the individuals we support. We value partnerships with businesses, community and Government.

  3. Community Inclusion: We advocate, support and facilitate for individuals to be meaningfully included in their community. We facilitate opportunities for the community to be involved in our supports.

  4. Continuous Reflection and Growth: We recognize and honor the ability to support individuals to learn and grow. We continually evaluate the programs delivered by Elmwood in order to improve and grow services in line with best practice.

  5. Communication and Openness: We communicate in meaningful and effective ways to meet the needs of those we serve and their families. We foster a culture of openness and dialogue with individuals, families and partners.

  6. Advocacy: We advocate for the needs of the individuals within our support system. We advocate for the needs of our organization. We partner with others to bring attention to issues, trends and gaps to improve the support services provided.

  7. Innovation and Creativity: We value innovation and creativity in the supports and services we provide. We recognize the contributions of the individuals we support, their families, staff and partners in the development of innovative options and solutions. We create a safe environment to foster innovation and creativity.

  8. Teamwork: We work collaboratively with individuals, families, partners and staff to support the needs of the individuals we serve. We are inclusive and speak with one voice to support the individuals we serve.