Breanne became a resident of an Elmwood Community Home in 2017. She now resides in Eastview with five other ladies—her roommates and friends. Her days are best enjoyed when spending time with her roommates, visiting family and friends, watching movies, or going on outings in her community. 

When Breanne first moved, she was happy in the home and within her job. About three years later, her supports and close family members noticed some changes. Breanne seemed increasingly unhappy. Like many, this only worsened as the pandemic forced necessary isolation from her community and loved ones. 

Breanne’s Community Home Coordinator set up multiple meetings with her and the Support Workers to learn more about how she was feeling and what could be causing her unhappiness. They needed to know how she could better be supported and ensure her needs were being met. The team also took some time to track what types of situations triggered Breanne.

Through open and honest conversations, Breanne was able to advocate for herself. She expressed how she wanted to engage in the home and the choices she wanted to make. Most importantly, she explained how she felt when someone communicated with her in a certain way and how 

she actually wanted to be interacted with. This led to the development of a Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan for Breanne. Which included: 

her preferred interaction styles to be utilized by her support team

the use of a timer and other visual tools to improve her moods during distress 

and the creation of a daily responsibility and goal checklist

These strategies contributed to an overall stronger sense of happiness and contentment for Breanne. The daily checklist allowed her to become the star in her own life, leading to improved feelings of fulfillment and accomplishment. Whenever Breanne completes an activity or task, she uses her checklist to track what has been completed and what’s next. She’s taken on many responsibilities in the home and loves to help however she can. 

Her relationships and interactions with her roommates have greatly improved and relaxed with the honest communication and learnings of how to better interact with one another. Breanne is now more aware of herself and can express patience and understanding. If at any point she is experiencing stress or challenging emotions, she has the tools and ability to calm herself. 

We are so proud of Breanne and all the hard work she put in to developing a stronger sense of self and fulfillment in her life. It’s so heartwarming to see the relationships with her roommates and support worker’s flourish. With the love and support of her family and Support Team, we celebrate Breanne!