Longtime Elmwood resident John Helm was born in Eston, Saskatchewan on May 22, 1952, and is the second oldest of five siblings. He left home at about the age of 8 to attend the recently opened John Dolan School in Saskatoon, boarding with foster families and coming home during the holidays. When he finished school he moved into the newly opened Elmwood Lodge and got a job at Cosmopolitan Industries. He is one of the original 37 participants at Cosmo and last June celebrated his 46th year there. 

John enjoys dances and summer camps, going out to hockey games, movies, church and concerts, as well as the odd road trip. His most recent adventure was a three-day vacation in mid-October with Elmwood staff and three other residents to Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall. 

John is devoted to Batman and The Dukes of Hazard, he loves dogs and surprises, and he appreciates a good Big Mac. John has two families and one of them is Elmwood, its residents and staff. John’s siblings are forever thankful that when families needed such a place and had to make such a heart-wrenching decision on behalf of one of their own, their trust was not misplaced when they chose Elmwood. 

We’re grateful for Elmwood’s safe, caring and open atmosphere that creates a place for residents to be just who they are, while also providing residents opportunity to grow in experience and knowledge, self-respect and confidence. John is willing to help with anything, he loves laughter and a good practical joke. He is stubborn and fearless and he cannot keep a secret no matter how hard he tries. He visits his siblings and their families in Edmonton every summer and at Christmas, where he somehow keeps the childlike wonder of that holiday alive for all of us every single year.