Karen has worked with individuals with disabilities for 18 years. Karen spent most of her summers working at Camp Easter Seal while she was attending post-secondary education. It is through her work at Camp Easter Seal that Karen found her passion to work with individuals with disabilities and is the reason Karen changed career paths and applied to nursing. She started working at Elmwood in 2011, shortly after finishing nursing. Karen worked as a Manor Coordinator/Nurse for almost 11 years and has recently transitioned into the Manager of Health and Wellness role. Karen is incredibly excited to take on this new role and be a part of the Manor Transition.

Karen has a love and passion for travel and is always looking to book her next adventure. Some of Karen’s highlights from her travels are living and working in Australia for 6 months in 2018, scuba diving with sharks in Mexico, St. Paddy’s Day in Galway Bay, watching David Beckham play for Manchester United in London, attending many Broadway plays including Les Misérables and Lion King, and visiting Disneyland with four residents.