Rhonda was born in Manitoba, but moved to Saskatoon when she was two. She has three brothers and grew up having all sorts of adventures with them including camping, biking, and going out on the boat. One time while they were camping, Rhonda and her brothers went out for a walk, and she came back holding a garter snake they’d caught!

 Rhonda remembers going on a train trip to Edmonton with her parents and a group from John Dolan School, where they went to an Oilers’ game and met Wayne Gretzky. In more recent years, she has enjoyed a road trip with one of her roommates from Elmwood to Edmonton. They had a blast at the Fantasyland Hotel, enjoyed dinner out, went to the casino and shopped till they dropped!

 Rhonda moved to Elmwood in 2010 and has maintained close relationships with her family while living at Elmwood. Her brother Winston regularly visits to play cards and she visits her parents and brother Rob regularly.

 Rhonda is a party animal! She loves throwing parties and her birthday is one of the biggest highlights of her year. One of Rhonda’s favorite memories is going to the Thunder from Down Under at Dakota Dunes Casino where she screamed and cheered so loudly that the performers came down to dance with her.

 Rhonda is a fun, caring, and vibrant member of the Elmwood Family and we’re very glad she chooses to call Elmwood home.