Delores joined the Elmwood Family in 1969 and is one of the original residents of Kinsmen Manor. For over fifty-one years, Delores has called Kinsmen Manor home.

Delores enjoys sharing her ideas and opinions with others without hesitation, and is not one to back down when she has set her mind to something. In the fall of 2019, Delores initiated the conversation regarding the driveway outside of Kinsmen Manor needing a revamp. Its current state was unsafe and unacceptable. With her mind set to have the driveway repaved, Delores staunchly advocated to the Ministry of Social Services to have the driveway repaired. As Delores takes much pride in her home, she wrote a letter to the Ministry of Social Services – Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) to voice her concerns. Within a short period, Delores received the answer from the Ministry authorizing funding for the driveway to be updated.

To celebrate this achievement, Delores had her picture taken with Kent Touet, Manager of Community Services for CLSD on the newly paved driveway. Delores, now, would like to advocate for the side driveway to be repaved so that it too will look nice.

Delores is an active resident of Kinsmen Manor and, and proudly celebrates her accomplishments and contributions as the secretary of Kinsmen Manor’s Recreation meetings. In addition, she has also been working for Cosmopolitan Industries for forty years.

Delores is very close with her two sisters and her dear friend Grace, who is always there in friendship and support. Delores always leaves an impression as she never shies away from speaking her mind and advocating for her needs, the needs of others and the needs of the organization. Delores is such a memorable and celebrated part of the Elmwood family.